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TDA Debate Year-Round Program

Middle and High School

How can we prepare students so they are able to ethically solve problems they will face in twenty, forty, or sixty years from now?

Program Overview


The TDA Year-Round Program is our signature advanced, comprehensive course. 

In our weekly classes, students receive training on:

  • Global current events analysis; 

  • Media literacy;

  • Public speaking;

  • Negotiation;

  • Various disciplines of debate;

  • Politics & history;

  • The operations of international affairs and diplomacy

  • Preparation for Model UN and Model Congress conferences.


Students in this program explore various ethical and moral global issues, as well as the challenges of leadership and decision-making in a democratic society.


This program is designed for students with an interest (or potential interest) in politics and international affairs, and who take a rigorous approach to learning across their interests.


Students who thrive in these courses show a propensity for political or public issues and are generally moved by injustice. This course adapts to the unique class makeup, and students come from diverse educational environments- from homeschool to institutional school students in the US, to global students attending international schools. 


Year-round delegates attend one weekly, in-person, or online I2-hour class from September to May, excluding traditional school holidays.


Students are invited to attend four TDA Day Long Debates. Additionally, students can opt-in to attend Model United Nations and Model Congress competitive conferences. 


All of our year-round programs are academically rigorous and intense, both due to the curriculum and the constitution of the students themselves. To keep the quality of our programs high, acceptance requires, at a minimum, an application and an interview with our Educational Director, Simon.


Entry into one program does not guarantee entry into another, and students are invited back each year based on their performance and motivation. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop current events monitoring skills, media literacy skills, and the use of research methods for self-directed learning;

  • Develop rhetorical and argumentative skills, social tact, and listening skills necessary for academic, ethical and political debate;

  • Explore societal values, moral issues, and ethical dilemmas;

  • Immerse students in principled negotiation methods through simulations;

  • Prepare for and participate in a debate before an authentic audience;

  • Develop critical thinking skills; 

  • Develop public speaking skills, including persuasion and storytelling;

  • Exercise self-paced learning on a topic of interest.

What is Two Decades Academy?

Two Decades Academy is a selective education institution preparing the next generation of leaders through debate, public speaking, and the skills to lead through adversity.​

Learn about our approach to learn more about our approach.

Learn about our students to learn more about our students.

TDA is an apolitical organization dedicated to enhancing student leadership through study and debate and welcomes all forms of creeds, opinions, ethnicities, religions, races, sexual orientations, nationalities, and forms of existence. TDA strongly believes that conviction in our values and opinions, along with the resolve for leadership stems from deep study, analysis, information, debate, the contrast of ideas, and the search for truth. 

In two decades our students will be leaders. Preparation starts now.

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Our approach 

TDA takes an experiential approach to learning. Our curriculum has been developed and tested for over eleven years. Classes are designed to evolve with each student's interests and growth, so no two sessions are the same. Students examine the world through the lens of current events, debate, negotiation, and public speaking. Follow our weekly debates on LinkedIn for a glimpse inside the classroom. 


We go beyond other speech and debate programs that focus on one debate type, applicable to one field, or focused on one narrow technique. We teach skills from multiple speech and debate styles, which gives our students the ability to learn by exploring their own interests. Our approach produces comprehensive leaders, who understand speech and debate skills across disciplines and who can apply what is needed in different contexts.


We don't add fluff to our curriculum through guest lectures by professionals or college students, with impressive-sounding associations to elite institutions, but little capacity to teach or engage students. Our classes are designed and delivered by experts who are also excellent teachers. All instructors are trained and supported in our methods and don't just follow pre-made scripts. They create exciting, meaningful, and academically rigorous experiences for our students.   


Students leave our programs transformed, as thinkers and as people. Many parents have seen this transformation through ignited academic passions and enlightened dinner-table conversation. Hear what other parents have to say here.   

Our students

Our academic camps are for students with interest or skill in politics, international relations, debate, law, history, philosophy, ethics, policy, civics, Model United Nations, and other related fields. Not all students arrive with these interests, but we've seen many students whose enthusiasm was born through our programs.  


Most TDA students are high-achieving in school and thrive in challenging academic environments. However, some of our most successful students over the years showed particular behaviors and traits, like a penchant for arguing or a flare for the dramatic, yet lacked stellar academics and grades. These students found their academic passions through our programs. Think this might be your student? Click here to read about some unexpected traits of a successful TDA student.  

TDA's students win "Best Delegate" at competitions across the country, study at the best universities, and, most importantly, go on to pursue meaningful careers that change the fate of humanity. Join us!

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San Francisco Bay Area

Palo Alto + San Francisco


United States of America



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