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Information for STUDENTS

Two Decades Academy is dedicated to you. 

9 signs you will thrive at

Two Decades Academy

Not all high-impact students display an outward interest in public issues and debate upon entry; in our experience, many will see their motivation grow alongside their knowledge. Throughout the years we have gathered common behaviors or traits of students who do well in and after our program.


Interested in news stories about community issues, politics, economics, business, or foreign cultures, or any public issue


Interested in debates, public speaking, mock trial, or business simulators


Has an academic interest in history, diplomacy, economics, politics, or different cultures


Involved in Student Government, or runs for Class or School President (successfully or not)


Interested in theater, storytelling, or artistic performance


Has an international background, or who has parents who have lived in different countries


Thrives in participatory classes and immersive learning


Academically proficient but are characterized as rebellious or outspoken by teachers


Often finds themselves debating with  siblings, friends, teachers, and parents 

You are the student who wants to learn more about politics, debate, international relations, history, economics or cultures, in a participatory, grade- free environment.

In our classes, the curriculum is created through the interests of each student, and is based on what is relevant to them. We will be dedicating one afternoon per week to dissecting and understanding the most important issues to you, practicing our public speaking, debate, and negotiation skills, and having fun in the process. We are here for your benefit, for your knowledge, for you future, for your interest.


We do not assess students by grades. We believe that students can use objective tools to measure their progress, understand their needs, and address them at will. We believe that each student can learn how to learn; our priority is providing you tools and methods, not our opinion of your worth expressed in grades.


Aside from our weekly classes, we will provide opportunities for you to practice many forms of debating. We will be holding all kinds of simulated debates, based on real life, which will put you in the driver seat of all that is happening.

We will also be exploring issues relevant to our communities, through information gathering and analysis. 

If you feel your parents cannot afford this program, worry not. We have a financial aid fund dedicated for this purpose.

Finally, we know you want inspiration, not just education. We are here for that too.

Please email​ to learn more. 

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