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Public Speaking

We believe that all students have the ability to become a compelling public speakers. We are committed to helping each student leverage their own particular style of public speaking, based on their personality and interest, while also following important communication principles.

We also believe that students should exit our program as functional public speakers. This means that we do not over-emphasize one particular debate or speaking discipline, such as speaking very fast, or using highly technical legal language. Rather, we aim to train students to recognize public speaking opportunities in their everyday life, and how to adapt to that particular audience and desired message.

Furthermore, we believe that public speaking must be practiced constantly in order for improvement to happen. Therefore, we provide as many opportunities in every class as we can, and we use exercises from a variety of debate disciplines in order to hone particular skills. Ultimately, we want our students to be prepared for any public speaking opportunity: debate intervention, persuasive speeches, student council campaigns, or even a wedding toast. 

Please email​ to learn more. 

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