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We believe that training for negotiation is a vital and necessary component of any leadership toolbox. Furthermore, while we believe that adversarial debates have the ability to furnish important factual truths and provide political roadmaps, they are not ideal conduits for forging coherent solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.

For this, we create simulations based on real-life events that necessitate both debate, negotiation, and social interaction. We believe we need to furnish students with opportunities to learn substantive content as well as important soft skills. For example, students can learn the intricacies of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from the perspective of the person charged with making decisions that will affect generations, while having to manage the hierarchical relationships with team members, cooperative ones with mediators, and adversarial ones with opposing parties. In all of our simulations, students are placed in the driver's seat and have ample latitude to make decisions. Teachers assist only as advisors, mentors when sought, and later as facilitators in order to help analyze what happened once the simulation is concluded. 

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