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In two decades our students will be leaders.
Preparation starts now

Help your student understand the world of politics, international affairs and debate through our online program and in-person debates.
We offer two-hour online after-school classes for Middle and High School Students (and much more!).

"My son has grown so much from this Two Decades Academy's program. His level of discourse and knowledge on topics ranging from foreign affairs to current events is outstanding. I can barely keep up as his parent! And most importantly, he loves it and looks forward to every session."

- Kimarie Matthews - TDA Parent

Two Decades Academy is dedicated to increasing access to excellent educational experiences and offers Financial Aid and/or a Tuition Scale for all programs. Apply for Financial Aid here.  

our focus

Current events

We understand our place in history when we follow the most important current events of our time. 


We create debates that use the best traits of many debate disciplines, on the major issues of our time.

Public Speaking

We help students become eloquent, functional speakers, adaptable to any situation.


Debate is adversarial, negotiation is conciliatory. Both are needed to create leaders.


why the NAME?

Because two decades after my students leave my class, I want them to remember how they found their values, and to live by them.

Because the decisions they will take two decades down the line will probably impact others, and those decisions should be informed by our most deeply held values- those that we discover with the benefit of an open, free mind.

Because I will treat my students as if they were two decades older- and speak to the adult that will be, not the child that was.

Because Middle and High School shouldn’t only be an admissions circus- but an opportunity as influential as higher education or employment.

Because when we take a long view of education, we discard the momentary rollercoaster of grades, and focus on the person behind the number or letter.

Because when we look at issues two decades or more into the past and two decades into the future, we recognize the important elements of the times we are living in, and focus on the meaningful issues, and not the latest outrage.

For these, and many others: Two Decades Academy.

- Simon Olavarria


San Francisco Bay Area

Palo Alto + San Francisco


United States of America



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